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Maine Wilderness Activities

There are all kinds of activities awaiting you here. If you are the out-of-doors type, hike our nature trails to at least three remote trout ponds. We have canoes located there for your use. Walk the trail to the Canadian border marker for a nice photo opportunity.

Use our kayaks to scout wetlands & marshy areas for sightings of moose, bear, bobcat (very elusive), loons, kingfisher, eagles, beaver, otter, whitetail deer, and other woodland creatures. Swimming and sunbathing are well practiced here and we have miles of shoreline surrounding the lake just waiting to be discovered.


Fish for the rare and elusive blueback trout found in Penobscot Lake. Few waters are known to contain these arctic char or "bluebacks". The fish range in size up to 3 pounds with the char a bit smaller generally, than the brookies also found here. The lake spans 2 miles at its widest point and is roughly 4 miles in length. It is a deep, cold water, spring fed lake, with a few inlets that offer excellent spawning habitat for brook trout as well as bluebacks. Depths range to well over 100 feet and the shoreline is predominantly rocky and rough with sections of sandy beach.

In 2009 the gates were reinstalled in the dam, effectively raising our water level by 7 feet. This will add hundreds of acres of aquatic life to the lake. It's been approximately 10 years since Penobscot reached full pond levels at 1,604 ft. above sea level.

Flyfishing is the preferred method on all waters in this area; however, lures may productively be cast or trolled in Penobscot Lake for spring trout and char.

Wet flies work very well in the spring and as the summer progresses, nymph and small dries work extremely well. Don't come here to fish in late July! The fishing in July tends to be very sporadic. Though early morning and late evening casting might yield the experienced angler a few fish. Late August and September offer excellent fishing opportunities, especially during the evening hatches. That is an experience you'll not soon forget. Fishing licenses should be obtained before coming to Penobscot Lake. See our Special Fishing Package.

Shooting Sports

A lifelong passion of Paul's has been the art of shooting and we offering personal instruction. We now have automatic clay bird traps and also offer target shooting with your choice of handgun or rifle. Shotguns are available for your use on the clay bird range. There is an additional charge for all shooting games and ammunition. Please make advance reservations prior to arrival.


Upland Bird Hunting

We will be open through October for Partridge and Woodcock hunts. We have great natural habitat right on the property. Take advantage of this special offering, call for details! Last Fall offered fabulous wing shooting opportunities in a pristine and colorful setting.


Grab a canoe or kayak and paddle around the lake and marshes.  Take a picnic to a secluded beach for some time really alone!  Kayaks, paddles and PFD's are available for your use at no charge.  This a great way to get a picture of a moose.


Birdwatching opportunities are everywhere around the lake and in the surrounding woods. All the books say that loons are reclusive birds and avoid people. However, the mystical loons congregate here to serenade listeners with their haunting cry and entertain with their various performing acts of water ballet. Bald eagles, owls, otter, beaver, coyotes, moose, deer and many other various species are all part of the unplanned entertainment. This spot is a nature lover's dream! Connect to www.mainebirdingtrail.com to read a description of the exceptional bird watching to be found at Penobscot Lake.


Traditional archery equipment and target butts are available for recreation and personalized instruction.  We can introduce you to the sport help you develop the skills to enjoy yourself.

Or...Just do "Nothin' much."

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