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A Very Special Birding Weekend with guides Bob and Sandi Duchesne

Imagine a birding weekend in a location so remote, you can only get there by plane or boat. Imagine sneaking in a quick walk to the border of Canada before breakfast. Penobscot Lake Lodge is the only building compound on this lake in the north Maine woods, just a mile from the Quebec border. Join us for an exquisite birding weekend with guides Bob and Sandi Duchesne [link]. Bob has created the Maine Birding Trail, documenting prime birding locations throughout the State of Maine, including Penobscot Lake and environs.

 The habitat is terrific. At a leisurely pace we'll explore the miles of trails lying outside your cabin door, enjoying the warblers, Winter Wrens, Swainson's Thrushes, Ruffed Grouse, and other denizens of the northern forest. Then we'll paddle or motor down to the beaver flowage on the east side of the lake for waterfowl, bitterns, rails, and raptors. Moose are hard to miss at this time of the year!  We'll finish each evening with a feast and an enjoyable presentation on building your birding skills with tips and techniques of the experts. The last day, you will practice your new skills on your own and see how much you have learned. Please bring your own binoculars and other required gear.

All the books say that loons are reclusive birds and avoid people. However, the mystical loons congregate here to serenade listeners with their haunting cry and entertain with their various performing acts of water ballet. This a great time to catch a glimpse of moose as well. 

 Special Birding Weekend

June 25th - 27th, 2010

$549 per person inclusive of all meals, accommodations, and amenities

Tax & gratuity additional.

Call us to book your stay.

 (Memorial Day - October 15) 207-280-0280

  (October 16 - Memorial Day)  207-280-3244


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